Month: March 2020

BUCKET FULL OF NATURE: A Fun Indoor Nature Challenge for Families

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During the COVID-19 crisis, if you’re experiencing cabin fever and your kids (and you) are climbing (or drawing on) the walls indoors, we’ve got a plan to keep you connected with nature! The mental, physical, social and emotional benefits of regular and meaningful opportunities to connect with nature are many and vital for the health of ….  Read More

Coronavirus: Concern over Lack of Social Distancing During Outdoor Walks

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In Ireland, the National Parks and Wildlife Service has raised concerns that people out walking in parks and elsewhere outdoors are failing to maintain advised social distancing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.The parks service called on “individuals to avoid congregating closely in large groups, even in these outdoor areas,” and to maintain 6.5 feet between ….  Read More

Global Call to Cut Urban Road Speed Limits

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The 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety (Ministerial Conference) held in Stockholm, Sweden has called on countries to impose mandatory 20mph limits in urban areas to help cut deaths and injuries to pedestrians, including many children. Held in the final year of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, the conference brought government ….  Read More

Invitation to Tender to Supply Woodworking Machinery

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Sylva Foundation is seeking a suitably qualified supplier to supply, deliver and install/commission industrial woodworking machinery. We are pleased to offer this as an open process for suitable suppliers to tender proposals. Deadline for submissions is 12 noon on 3rd April. Specification summary: Surface Planer, with Spiral/Tersa Block minimum 500mm wide.Minimum 7 KW motor Thickness ….  Read More

10 Nature Activities to Help Get Your Family Through the Pandemic

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If the coronavirus spreads at the rate that some experts believe it will, schools and workplaces will continue to close. Here’s one thread of silver lining. We’ll have more time for each other, and for nature. “Do not stay inside all the time: your vitamin D level goes down,” advises John de Pluma, MD, a ….  Read More

Study Reveals Positive Connection Between Nature Experiences and Happiness

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A team of researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) used social media and artificial intelligence (AI) to look at the connection between nature experiences and happiness. The team analyzed over 31,500 photographs across 185 countries on social media with the help of an automated image recognition technology, finding global evidence of the biophilia ….  Read More

Renovation of the old Grain Store

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Despite the wet winter we’ve been busy at the Sylva Wood Centre completing the renovation of our old Grain Store. We’ve just completed this timelapse film, taken over several months, which finishes with the fitting of innovative thermally-modified hardwood products, including cladding, windows, and a door. The Brimstone products were provided by Vastern Timber, in ….  Read More

Better Access to Nature, Even Just Your Local Park, Helps People and the Planet

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New research from the European Centre for Environmental and Human Health at the University of Exeter shows that people who spend time in nature are more likely to engage in environmentally friendly behaviors. Using data from more than 24,000 English adults, the researchers found that exposure to nature, including strolling through a city park, makes people ….  Read More

Experiencing Wilderness Keeps Us Happy, so We Should Protect It Even in Cities

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New research led by University of Washington researchers found that experiencing wilderness is important for our physical and mental health. The study, based in Discovery Park in Seattle, reports that exposure to wilderness is especially important in urban landscapes, even compared to other types of natural areas. The research was prompted by the park’s advisory ….  Read More

NATURAL STEWARDS: Top Activities with Kids that Help Give Back to the Outdoors

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Kids are naturally drawn to the outdoors. This fascination provides parents and educators with teaching opportunities to help children care for nature. According to the latest research, spending more time outside promotes more sustainable and environmentally-friendly behavior in children. So the more connected to nature a child is, the more likely they are to take environmentally conscious actions— and the ….  Read More

VITAMIN N FOR THE SOUL: How Nature Can Nourish the Spirit of Children and Adults

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Matthew, my youngest son, once asked me if a connection to a higher power is, in fact, an underutilized sense—one that some people find activated in nature. This is the same son who, when he was five, asked, “Are God and Mother Nature married, or just good friends?” Great questions. Most religious traditions, especially in ….  Read More