LITTLE ADVENTURES, BIG CONNECTIONS: Inspiring Kids to Explore Nature Virtually

Three weeks ago, life as I knew it was pretty great: every week I got to bring nature connection games, stories and lots of love and silliness to over 400 kiddos in central Ohio. Inspired by Richard Louv, Jon Young, Dave Bauer and many more authors, I had worked my way up from being an assistant Pre-K Teacher in 2013 to being a full-time school naturalist in November of 2019, at Little Dreamers Big Believers and Balanced Family Academy. For 5 months I’ve been living my dream: the parents loved it, I felt fulfilled and the kids were having a blast… then Coronavirus happened.  Two weeks ago, as the global pandemic COVID-19 was getting bigger and bigger, it became clear this was going to disrupt life as I knew it. At first, I was saddened by the shutdowns… I wouldn’t get to see all my students. My thoughts quickly flipped to, “Hey, these kiddos aren’t going to get weekly nature class… for a while” and then “These kids’ entire lives are going to be really off-schedule and strange and their parents are going to be stressed.” The words of my hero, Mister Rogers, rang in my head: “Look for the […]